Friday, 9 March 2012

A Not-So-Quick Update

I have now been in bed for so long I have officially got bed sores!! The past three weeks have been rather rotten. I ended up having to have my Hickman line replaced not last Thursday but the Thursday before. The other one ended up having a rip in it. Who knows how that happened!!!

On the Friday (yes the very next day!) I started chemo but one little thing was different from usual. They forgot to give me the aprepitant and steroids so as soon as the chemo started so did the vomiting. I threw up every pill and was vomiting for about 2 hours until they managed to get it under control. That, in conjunction with just having a general anesthetic and the general fact I was having Cisplatin I was left feeling rather rotten.

 I managed to get out of hospital on the Monday, only to have to go back in on the Wednesday because of a temperature. Luckily I was not neutropenic this time and was sent home with antibiotics. I was still feeling quite rotten all week. We had our lovely friends come up from Christchurch for the weekend and it was absolutely amazing to see them, I wish I had been better but I guess that's not how life goes. On Sunday I ended up having to come back into hospital and I was much sicker.

I had developed severe mucositis which meant I could not really eat or drink anything because my throat was so raw which left me feeling miserable but to top it off my immune system had decided it had enough and i was neutropenic again. Also my red blood cell levels were very low so I had to have two blood transfusions. My platelets were low too so I had to have two platelet transfusions.

I also had low magnesium and potassium. Also on the Monday I got a migrane so that left me throwing up and feeling generally awful. I am finally feeling better and hopefully will be leaving hospital tomorrow.

Let's hope the sun will shine tomorrow.

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