Sunday, 15 December 2013

Not For Dog Treats

Mac the lovely man that he is had recognized I needed a break (or I am suspecting his lovely mother did) and took me away to Greytown to go stay in the very nice White Swan Inn. I even got a big three course meal and my bath ran for me!! 

After my two adventures gosh did I need a rest.  However the problem was when we get off the train in Masterton when we were supposed to be going to Greytown... not so good start to our wee getaway. However after sorting out that wee glitch by getting a taxi there we were fine.

The hotel was really nice, Mac was really nice, everything was really nice. 

We had such a nice time and it made me simply, happy. 

I hope you enjoy this picture of this FABULOUS man as much as I do :)

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