Monday, 16 January 2012

Let's Hold Hands And Start Again

Tonight, well i guess it's actually morning I am sitting here with a bit shellshocked Anthony. He has just seen my xray's of my leg and I think I scared him a bit which is fair enough as he can be scared. He has been one of my best friends throughout all of this.

Some girls are a bit mean about him because they think that he is "flaky" and "like a typical gay guy" but I am here to tell you he is totally not. He is amazing. He entertains me even on my worst days and never fails to bring a smile to my face.

 I really wish everyone had the pleasure of meeting him as he really is one of the wonderful people I have ever known. He worries about Otago but I am sure he will be fine as because of all reasons mentioned above.

I have to start chemo again tomorrow, lame right?? I am nervous and a bit worried because my oncologist Anne said that it would be harder than most because my body is not used to it anymore and it also happens to be the type of chemo that makes me really sick so YAY/not really.

I have only got one week in hospital so that's good and then I will have another 2 weeks out. Tom and Dad have gone away though, this sucks. For anyone that doesn't know my dad and my brother are both my friends. They are awesome, when I am in hospital they come in every afternoon after school and night after work and feed me.

I am going to miss them heaps. I am a little worried I am going to get lonely in hospital because everyone is soo busy right now enjoying the sun (very little of it ever hits Wellington). Loneliness sucks because there is nothing I can do about it and when I am on chemo I am too sick to do a lot of things so finding a distraction can sometimes be hard.

I am saved when I have visits, people are the most interesting distraction as I love hearing about their lives because everyone has different experiences and problems.

People are interesting.

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