Sunday, 19 February 2012

I Am Different

I finally did it. I changed my Facebook profile picture to one that actually looks like me. I know it seems like something stupid but I always love looking at the photo's of me with hair. I really was quite pretty but as much as I hate to admit it, that was a lifetime ago.

Tonight at dinner with my family we were talking about last year. As Tom said "I have memories from when I was eight years old that seem more recent than that time." We have been stuck in this time for a long time now.

It was hard last week, there were problems with my Hickman line. This is the third one and if I have to get it taken it out.... well lets just say painful is an understatement. To get out a hickman line out (a line which has to be put in surgically) is literally just tugged out, no anesthetic needed.

More importantly it messes with my schedule. I have started to plan things for the future and things for now. It's hard because a lot of my friends left for uni last week and I may have got a little lonely in hospital so to try and make it easier I am trying to organize things in the little time I am out to look forward to. I have also invested in some more coloring-in books.

 Don't you think my Postman Pat is beautiful???

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  1. I thought you had stopped writing, but my RSS feed had just stopped delivering. Lovely Postman Pat- he has a sort of Smurfish quality to him- or Avatar. Try adding a tail!