Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Filled Fun

I am finally home, I have a sore throat, but, lucky for me my temperature is not sky high for now anyways!! :) I had an amazing Easter and ate way too much chocolate and left myself feeling rather sick, thank you anti-nausea drugs!!! I hope everyone else was naughty and ate way too much too!!! Otherwise I am way to badass for my own good.

I think I kinda rule out being a badass considering I have spent the last two months in hospital. It's kinda hard keeping up your "badass" pretense when you are as sick as a dog!! But I am finally out and Anthony is back!!!! As is nearly everyone from Uni!!!!

I kinda excited coz I can see the end of the treatment but ahhh another 3 week block starting next Monday but until then I am a free chicken!!! As long as I don't start to roast and get temperatures, if so hospital will be mine again.

My mun went on her girls walk in the middle week of my treatment. It was our first big separation since this treatment started and it was surprisingly hard. She now knows everything and is very good at organizing me. I think she missed me too because look what she brought back!!!

Every time I have had surgery I have been a little cheeky and teasing mum about how she doesn't want me to have another because then she has to get me another charm on my Tiffany and Co charm bracelet. Never actually thinking she would get me one because Tiffany and Co are places that mothers shop, not Harriet's. However, she surprised me with this beauty!! I have 5 pretty charms, not six because apparently six looked a bit odd!!!

I am wearing it in hospital because I may have been allowed out one night last saturday night to attend my friend Catherine's wedding!!!! :) And I must give my big congrats!!

One week later I went and saw Geraldine Brophy's new play 'Floral Notes'. It was very good, apart from  Geraldine's character happened to get breast cancer and die. I hate movies and books to do with Cancer. Originally when I got sick I kept everything they gave me, but as time went on I realized it depressed me to read about it.

Ollie probably know's more of the specific's of my treatment. I kinda just take it as it comes and try not to look forward too far. It depresses me sometimes because although I can see the end of my treatment I still have another 5 weeks of chemo.

Strangely I think my hair is starting to grow back!!! Even though I am having chemo I am not having Cisplatin so maybe these ones don't make you loose you hair. I have now a nice sprinkle of stubble on my head!!!!!

Gosh, life is sooo odd. Let's just eat more chocolate!!!

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