Sunday, 15 April 2012


My mummy got me a puppy!!! However, wasn't really the sort of puppy I was expecting... let me introduce you to Hugo (and a happy-ish looking maja)

He may not be exactly what I asked for but as maja says "it's the closest thing to a dog you are getting from me". So I will just have to love Hugo with all my heart and accept that my attempt at attaining a cute wee puppy may not be very attainable.

As for actual progress, I seemed to be healthy the first couple of days out but it sort of went downhill from there. From about Wednesday on everything I ate or drank ended up coming out of me one way or another, neither pleasant.

So it's now Monday and I am back in hospital and will reside here for a good couple of weeks. Things better be getting close to the end because I am not sure how much more my poor body will take. 

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