Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Little Kindness

It's not hard to commit a random act of kindness. In Wellington, my favorite restaurant is a place called Arthur's. They have such yummy food but they are so nice to me every time I go in there. It's not hard to make my day but the fact that the staff there always so welcoming and nice. It makes it such a lovely experience going there.

When I was at Lady Gaga, I saw these two Japanese ladies in the seats in front of me and they had on the coolest colored wigs that I had ever seen. While we were waiting for Lady Gaga to go on I asked where they had got their wigs from and they replied that they had got them from Japan. 

I thought that this would be the end of our conversation but these lovely ladies came up to me after the show and asked me what my address was as they would send me their wigs. This was such unexpected kindness. These woman did not know me from a dot yet they were so kind.

These woman show what extraordinary people live on this earth. I found it so amazing they would chose to go so far out of their way for a stranger.   

This is one of gorgeous pink wig that arrived in the mail. 

PS Happy Birthday Jannie. I love you to the moon and back! xoxo

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