Friday, 22 June 2012

To Be Human

I am no longer an alien. I no longer have probes sticking out of me!!! Today, I got my Hickman line taken out. Today, I took a step forward to being a normal teenager once again. I ended up having to have surgery to get it out but it is finally done and I am so happy!!!

It is a big step as it means that my blood counts are returning to normal! My parents are really excited by this, for me it was just another thing I had to do on the way to get better. What was more exciting for me was the feeling I had when I stayed over on Sunday at a friend's place.

It was odd, we were sitting in the lounge and they were taking the piss out of me for being so spoilt, keeping me grounded as only good friends can do. I was hogging the couch when I realized something, I didn't feel like a sick kid at all. I felt like a normal teenager hanging out with their mates.

It's not that I mind talking about being sick because it is part of who I am, it's what my life is based around at the moment. It was more the fact that whenever I used to leave hospital I would feel great because I would be healthier than most of the people on the ward but as soon as I got home I would realize how sick I still was compared to a normal person but I don't feel that anymore, I don't feel like I am on the same level yet but I am no longer looking at them like their level of health is a million times higher than mine.

I'm getting there.

PS Happy Birthday Toby, thank you for always being there whether it was bringing me my cheeseburgers or putting up with my bad jokes and just being a generally amazing friend.

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  1. it has been a wild ride for you and your family, and I am so happy you can hang out and drive them all nuts by being a teen and not a medical case now- it's how it should be! I totally admire how you have all coped and got through this past year and have learned lessons for myself along the way. xxx Fi