Sunday, 3 March 2013

Living My Life

My life, like most has it's up's and downs. I try to stay positive and most of the time I succeed. This week has been amazingly bittersweet! I am loving living in the hall but at the same time it sucks that I don't have the same energy levels as them.

I sort of have loved and hated making new friends. I have loved meeting these new amazing people but at the same time I know that I am only going to hurt more people. This week I have had some of the best times I have ever had but I have also had some of the worst.

This week I went to see Anne, who as usual was super amazing, I just wished she had better news. The  cancer has spread so far in my lungs that they cannot surgically operate and leave me with enough functioning lung to live.

There is no way for me to ever be cancer free but that's ok. This is my lot and I am ok with this, I just need to have the most fun I possibly have until that has to happen.

To end this on a positive note I will add a photo of getting ready for the Toga party! Such fun!

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