Tuesday, 14 May 2013

To Hazel - Grace

Today I went to the Anne Frank house and I seriously think that this deserves it's own blog. It deserves everything. When I planned my trip away, the place I most wanted to go was Amsterdam simply to go to the Anne Frank house. One of my favorite things in this life are books, Anne Frank's diary is a spectacular book but the book which made me want to go to the Anne Frank house was 'The Fault In Our Star's' by John Green.

I know I go on about this book but it's simply because I love it. I know of nobody who is like me. Nobody except Hazel Grace. I know it's not real because she is a fictional character in a book but for somebody who isn't dying John Green has created a girl who is realistic and somebody who reminds me that I am not the only person like me. It makes me both sad and happy. I would love for their to be nobody like me, for nobody to have to go through this but they do and sometimes it's nice to know you are not alone.

The Anne Frank house is an amazing place, sad, haunting, tiny but amazing. It's so sad and painful what she had to endure and it's a reminder that their are people in this world who have it worse off than I do. It was amazing to spend this time with my family and Jannie (my family friend who is more family than friend). They truly are an amazing bunch.

So to my imaginary friends Anne & Hazel- Grace. Thanks for teaching me how to be strong and for reminding me that I am not alone.

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