Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Wee Hiatus

I guess I have taken a wee vacation-e from writing on here. It's been kinda a hard time this past month and I guess I probably should have wrote on it earlier but I haven't really been well enough or well enough to let people know what's been happening.

Also Tom and Dad also jetted off to North America to do some amazing skiing and I didn't really want to worry them like I knew I would if I started writing.

This last month has been really quite hard. I ended up getting out of hospital for a splendid couple of days after New Years. Then rather crappily, the day after Tom and Dad left my health started going downhill. I ended up spending one of the longest stints in hospital EVER. Not because I was terribly unwell the entire time (though I was) but because I couldn't seem to make myself better. Normally by day 5 I am starting to perk up at least a little but not this time.

It's seemed like my body had almost had enough. It was refusing to eat anything, I was very weak (I have basically lost all and any muscle that I possessed) 

My lungs have decided enough is enough, they don't really like working on their own either so now I have to be constantly linked to oxygen which is actually such a pain. 

It has been really hard because I haven't seen much of a way out of this one for me but it's been nice because finally I managed to get home and then the family arrived home. I am constantly have oxygen and steroids to make me eat I am seeming to get better. A little food and home time seem to be pushing me back in the right direction. Not leaps and bounds better but I am able to go on little outings and having things to look forward to again I feel makes me feel better.

Things aren't great like I am so much better than I was 2 weeks ago but it's still on the scale of not well and I can't promise they are going to get better. Right now I'm kinda happy just to have a little solace from this storm, being able to eat and not be in hospital. It's really quite nice!

I may not have much time left, that much is obvious to most who see me but I will not go out sad. I am simply living the life I love in the way I love. 


  1. Hi Hattie, I have never met you yet heard lots about you. I rode around Europe with your mum and dad back in the late 80's so there's history there.

    Think your spirit is as amazing as your words. Keep beating the dog.
    -Rachael M

  2. Hattie, rest in peace beautiful girl, your story and words moved me to heights you wouldn't believe, thank you for writing, and for being so strong .. I hope you're in a beautiful place somewhere over the rainbow <3

  3. Rest in peace, Hattie. Wish I could have known you. And this picture of you and the pup, I think, I will remember forever. I pray that your words live on.