Friday, 21 February 2014

A Quick Flick

I wish I could make this some giant essay and who knows maybe I will be sane enough or well enough.
This week has been a week of massive highs and massive lows. I think I may be strumming my poor families final string to sanity. For some reason my body just isn't coping, I am so sore and the meds just aren't working like they are supposed to. On Wednesday I had one of the most magical nights as I launched my book 'The Book Of Hat' into the world! It is actually amazing and the night was out of the world spectacular! The first print run has sold out but If you want to buy copies of "The Book of Hat" you can contact the publisher Mary McCallum at What people didn't realize at the magical launch was that in the morning poor mum wasn't even sure if I was going to be alive in the afternoon to do this.It surprises me sometimes how she doubts my abilities. There was no way I was missing my own book launch. But this is also an apology as to why I have been out of communicado. I am now an in patient at Mary Potter hospice just while they try to sort out what meds and stuff I need so that I can still function but I am not in pain because I have had to been choosing and neither option is pleasant really. Anyways, as always I get very bored in hospital/now hospice so would love visits to keep me company! PS I even hear dogs may be allowed to visit hospices!!!! Silver lining to every cloud.

Without these wonderful people the night would have not been able to happen! Thank you again.
 Mary and Paul! My awesome publishers from Makaro Press
Mac and Me

My amazing family.


  1. I have been following your blog for a while, but just wanted to come out of lurking to congratulate you on your book. That's fantastic! =)

  2. I also follow your blog and now own your anazing book. No surprise it sold out as you write so beautifully. I am sure the 2nd print will sell out too! Last week I started reading the book that you say triggered the blog (Fault in our Stars). My daughter said I MUST read is her favourite book too. So now I am reading both that and your book which makes for a very tough choice when I get to bed and settle to read. :-) Hope you get lots of visitors of both human and canine variety. X

  3. Harriet you have been an inspiration. Your courage, optimism and kindness will always will be remembered by those who love you. My heart goes out to your family and friends who have been so incredibly strong for you. Go well girl.

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  5. Oh wow. This morning I was sitting on the couch with my leg in a brace following surgery for a sarcoma in my quad tendon, just above my left knee. I was feeling sore, scared and sorry for myself. Then I stumbled across Harriet's beautiful words and inspiring presence. A Wellington girl too! Awesome. I was worried about a scar on my leg? Not now, when I saw how she rocked those delicious dresses. A bit of pain? It will pass. Harriet, I am so thankful to you for sharing all you went through with so much spirit and love. Im now thinking of all i do have and promise not to feel sorry for myself again xxx