Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Results Show

I'm not sure how to write this really because yesterday I went to the hospital and I had both good news and bad. I guess I should start with the good news. 

Last time when I talked to Anne I thought she was talking about maybe needing radiation to be able to keep my voice. Luckily what she was saying involves a lot of if's (which I didn't realize) and I do not have those if's. The tumors are only in my lungs not anywhere else. 

Now the not so good news. My naughty little tumors aren't so little anymore. They have grown quite a bit since my last x-ray. The biggest one is 2 - 3 inches in diameter and there are more than 12 others one which are of a significant size.  They seem to be growing quicker as well but I will see more in 2 months when I have my next scans.

So on the plus side I don't have to have radiation which is what I was really worried about. I love being a student and having fun. Radiation would have made me so tired. It would have sucked. I wish the tumors were still littler because we are still only talking about months.

But who knows, according the first prognosis I was given six months to live and I am sitting on six months. I have lots to look forward to! It's my birthday in less than 20 days which is so exciting!! I never thought I would turn 20!! I am going to the Beyonce concert with Dad and Tom. I even have my hall ball.

Sometimes when I feel sad I just remember what I good life I have and it helps me. I honestly have had one of the best lives and I fully intend to keep enjoying it. 

Bring on being 20!!

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