Wednesday, 2 November 2011


As I was roaming the internet tonight trying to coax sleep closer. I found this amazing quote, and as most quotes with pretty pictures do, it got me thinking.

I like it. I really do. It's soo simple yet it's just so true, yet it's kinda easy to forget. Everyone is surrounded by soo much crap and sometimes its piled so high its just hard to see over.

I will be the first person to say chemo is crap. I would hate it but that would involve physically having enough strength to hate it, and as I don't have much energy, no chance am I wasting my hate on chemo. But it does suck.

There are so many things that cancer has stolen from me but you know what! Forget it! I am happy. Today I made it out of hospital, I had strawberries my grandma brought down from Hawkes Bay, I brought the new Florence + The Machine CD and I even ate a crunchie! Thats my day today, it may be pretty little things but hey! little is better than nothing. That's how I look at life.

It's how I have to look at life because the thing is, if i counted up the things that I couldn't do because I have cancer I would literally not be able to stop crying.

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  1. Dear Harriet - You are an old soul, so much wiser than people two, no, three times your age - can you please bottle the part of you that can write a blog post like that so the rest of the world can have it too? Seriously, you are - as LA Reid on X Factor would say -- 'the truth'. All strength to you. Kia kaha. Mary