Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Ridiculously Happy

As the title may point out, I am ridiculously happy!! I have now been out of hospital for eight days!! This is  the longest time I have been out of hospital since I started chemo!!! I have managed to have the most amazing week seeing my friends and just feeling normal. 

I never have thought that such little things could give me such pleasure. I am not a religious person but I feel like I should thank someone because I am so happy. I look at my bed (where the quilt is that the Hobbits made me) and I smile. Life is odd like that, it hands you something downright awful and all you can do is smile at the good. 

Today I had breakfast with my brother and my friend Toby. This might sound a little odd but my brother is a really cool cat. I have always been friends with him ever since I was little and so now since I am sick he drives me around everywhere. We then went trying to do some christmas shopping!!

I then went to a movie with the lovely Pam (who was my nanny for many years), my mother and my grandmother! It was an interesting movie about this choreographer called Pina and her dance troupe. 

I then went to Pan's house and watched him get dressed up in the beautiful Scots prefect uniform which left me howling on the floor. I suggest if anyone is feeling down they should watch their boyfriend dress up in a kilt. 

I then went to dinner with some good friends which is always a lovely experience. So as you can see life out of hospital is not a bad one. I am seriously and utterly ridiculously happy. 

Life is good. I wish everyone shared this thought.

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  1. your post made me smile so wide- especially the kilt scenario. People spend far too much time looking for unhappiness- sometimes they are just bored. I love that you are smiling and spreading the cheer! (and thanks for the thankyou card- glad you had fun with the kit- messing about with paints always makes ME happy!)xxx Fifi