Monday, 31 October 2011

Yay For Sickness!!

So I am neutropenic. In regular human speak this means I have no immune system and lucky me! I have picked up some sort of a bug, so its hospital time.

Onto more exciting this though, the weekend was amazing!! The girls and boys looked seriously attractive!! :) In the end we had 5 guys and two lovely ladies loping off their locks!!

My baby brother, the skux that he is....

I now have a skin head for a boyfriend. How joyous is that?

 Mr James Kane (sorry about the eyebrow...)
Don't they look pretty???

Thanks to Ben White for these photos. I have stolen them!! They are rather amazing my dear!! 

So after all the hair had departed heads we decided to head on inside for some good old food and everyone ate themselves silly!! So overall I would say that I had an amazing night and I really hope everyone else there did too. 

On saturday I went to my friend Willy's umu which was actually so lovely as I got to have a good catch up with lots of mates who I hadn't talked to in a while and had SUCH YUMMY FOOD. I am going to come out of this like ten tonnes heavier because all I do is eat, sleep and socialize which usually involves food.

Then on Sunday just to continue the trend of eating I went to lunch with one of my best mates Claudia. She is actually one of the most awesome people that you could ever know. It also happened to be her birthday. However my silly bleeding noses put a little damper on the mood. 

At some point in my life I must thank my baby brother. He drives me everywhere and just is a really general cool cat. He brought me chocolate on saturday. He got into some serious good book with that one!!

So I went home, driven by a la brother and tried to relax. Dad came home proud as a peacock because he had won the semi final of his golf tournament and was into the final. I then still wasn't feeling great so I got Dad to get the thermometer and BAM! Temperature. So off to ED he took me.

I had one of the creepiest experiences in the ED waiting room. I have a little card so I get whisked through and don't have to wait in waiting room with millions of sick people but I sat down to fill out a form and as I was writing away along comes the lady in the hat.

The lady in the hat has very bad eye makeup. Panda eyes to rival  even Caitlin's sister. She comes over to me and asks "Have you seen a car?" I am really unsure as to what to say so I just sort of sit there quietly hoping that she will go away. However she continues by saying "I am new to Wellington and I have lost my car, it;s silver" and recites some sort of number plate.

She then states loudly that its HERS. Nobody else's. She then proceeds to try to give me her cell phone number so in case I see it I can text her. I reply that I have cancer so I spend most of my time in hospital so am unlikely to see her car. She then tries to give it to me anyway and says she could visit me. 

Some things are worse than cancer and psychiatric problems are seriously one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Dad came to my rescue and took me away from the waiting room.

I then had to lie in a bed in a room which smelled faintly of pee for many hours. Father was great and stayed for the whole time and kept me company. Unlike mother he can actually sit still and is actually very patient, telling mother not to come was the wisest thing that I ever did. 

So that brings us to now. I am just chilling back in my favorite ward! I have a single room so no bed pooping room mate. I have to get a blood transfusion because my red blood cells are low and antibiotics and a few jabs into my belly but aside from that... not too much.

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