Thursday, 27 October 2011

Nature And Things

Today is the day! Today is the day when my friends, brother and boyfriend decide to loose their luscious locks in support of me and raising money for cancer research. Man! How lucky am I? Like seriously, not only are they doing this we are having friends coming from all over Wellington to support them! I seriously cannot believe how lucky I got with my friends.

The thing is that they are my life now. I have no life really, its rather boring. It's just chemo, sickness then better for small amount of time then it starts all over and I have to do this for eight months. So I live very vicariously through my friends. 

At the moment because of exams there is very little scandal but soon it shall be SUMMER! not that it looks like it outside... oh well! Weather is just another thing we cannot plan.

Most people spend their whole lives making plans (I am a very good example of one!) but what happens when these plans don't work? 

I really like biology (nerd right!) and in nature when the environment of organism change it will either adapt or die out. It's interesting watching my family (yes, this is as creepy as it sounds) change and adapt to living with cancer.

My mother is a marvelous woman but she has never really been the sort of mum that would wait on her children hand and foot. She was always keen for me to try it myself and establish my independence. Yet, I have regressed back to a baby and need so much help all the time. It's not easy on her. 

She is used to constantly doing things and she is very bad at sitting still but she like rest of my family is slowly adapting, slowly getting used to this new life that I have made them have. 

Sometimes nature is cruel.

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