Saturday, 1 October 2011

Migraines Are Nasty With A Capital N

Sooo unimpressed with this migrane. It has ruined my weekend plans. I have been up chucking here, there and everywhere. Thank the gods that I have a legit stockpile of anti-nausea's because that means it will not ruin my sunday!

I had a really cool day on Friday though! It was my schools house music!! The Year 13 Dance was especially hilarious!

The video quality is not very good but it does give you a great indication about how awesome the girls in my year are. I actually adore them! The hilarious moments actually never cease!! :)

Even more importantly STIRLING WON!!! (Well first equal but shush!!) WE WON!!! We are the house that is known for loosing everything. I have always kinda loved it because we were always the underdogs and this year we won!! I must say the house leaders put sooo much effort into this day but as always it was amazing!

I cannot mention house music without mentioning the teachers video. The media teacher at my school is amazing. Every year she makes this hilarious staff video where she gets all the teachers dancing. Every year its a little bit different but this year she excelled herself.

I seriously have been so lucky to go to Queen Margaret's. It has been a really amazing place to go to school, I would seriously recommend it as a school because I have just enjoyed my time soo much there!

I know I talk about school a lot but hey! What can you expect? I am a teenager. School = Life!

Tomorrow I am going to be better. No choice. This migrane is going to be gone.

BAM and the migrane is gone... I hope. 

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