Friday, 7 October 2011

What Happens When I Don't Get My Cheeseburger...

It's good to be feeling better in hospital. The only thing is they need to wake you up all the time to do lots of different checks but hey! This means you get a relatively lucid blog update.

The reason I am sure I am feeling better is right now if I was listing my emotions hungry would be right on top. Lucky I have some chips to satisfy this with.

I also know this because of one of the funniest things to happen in a while actually happened in hospital. I was lying here. In this bed. Which is a single room. JACKPOT!! No roommate to complain of this time!!!

All of a sudden I started to get this real hankering for... a Macca's cheeseburger. So I did the normal thing of texting the boyfriend who was coming in for a visit. He turned up all smiles. With no cheeseburger. I did not find this acceptable.

His excuse was he was on the bus. However, somehow, in my drug haze, I managed to get my jelly in his hair. I found it soo funny, I decided that was exactly where the rest of it. He really is a marvel to put up with me sometimes.

It may seem like such a childish thing to do AND it was but I am child. I am 18. A supposed adult but not really. I still need my mum to shower me on occasion. I need my family around me to feel safe. I am an adult with training wheels.

I am learning and trying to become one but I am not quite there.... yet.

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