Monday, 10 October 2011


I am officially an excessive over eater. I need to join over eaters anonymous. I managed to escape this place they call the hospital for all of three days and it was glorious!!

I love being at home, nothing was nicer than sitting outside (yes, it was sunny in Wellington!!) and chatting with friends. I managed to get a little bit of cooped chicken syndrome. I realized I had only been at home or  hospital for a WHOLE WEEK.

I HAD to get out. I was going insane. I was DFHAGFHDGOHAGHUUGFKG!! I am far too social for my own good. I have never spent this much time at home.... ever. I always have enjoyed being out and about and was known for disappearing for entire weekends at a time with my parents relying on intermittent texts for updates on my whereabouts. I really must have worried them!

I do worry my parents still. I think I always shall. There won't be a time ever that I won't. I mean I was a bit of a wild child last year, this year cancer... what next? I really am unsure as to how I am going to top this one. I managed to make my parents live out every parents nightmare!

Oh well! Another week of chemo starting today! This week hopefully I should be ok, just have some amazing chemo brain so beware of my blog. It may become even more riddled with insanity!!

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  1. Sup Harriet -
    It's Peter brooking here - some sort of long lost cousin - although I never understand family trees - no topery for me! mum told me to check out your blog - youre a super natural writer - very cool. Have a read of David Thorpe if you want to see some body who is seriously insane / mad genius -
    Keep it up and don't go to crazy! (I find the Internet is a great place to waste time)
    P :)