Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Warm and Fuzzies

Hospital is great but feeling much better this time than I did for the last lot. I have managed to hold a conversation with many of the visitors. Which is amazing. This girl, Ashna who goes to my school has written this beautiful song

It actually made me cry it is such a beautiful!!! I adore it soo much. I am such a music geek so this means it is so much beautiful!!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, there is just nothing else I can say right now!!!

On other news Jossie Wells. Jossie Wells is the number one world free-skier and a genuinely lovely guy!!  When I was down south, I skied with him and when I say skied with him, I stood in awe!! But hey! photographic evidence is needed I think.

Left to Right: Sarah, Jossie, Jess and I!

His email to me was actually amazing because it being winter, he has soo much on his mind. Its insane how many people care and it's so nice because this chemo is not fun.

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  1. Hi Harriet - your Mum says you have your own room this time, which must be nice. Your blog is terrific as always - so honest and vivid and generous.

    I just wanted to tell you how you can embed your friend's song and the school video in your blog so they are shown there like your photos. If you go to the song, you will see it says 'SHARE' in the top left. Click on it and there are the facebook icons etc, a link underneath and then 'EMBED' - click on and copy that code and then when you're writing your blog, at the top of the text box there are two tabs - one says 'HTML' and one says 'COMPOSE'. Click on 'HTML' and PASTE the EMBED code in there. Click back to COMPOSE and you'll see the song there ready to play!

    For the school video - it's similar. On youtube you can see something like LIKE, ADD, and SHARE at the bottom - click 'SHARE' and you'll see 'LINK' and 'EMBED' - click on EMBED, copy the code and paste it into the HTML version of your text box. Voila! The movie! I can come and show you while you're in hospital if you like. Hang on in there. Mary