Monday, 17 October 2011


Hospitals are odd places. They are actually like a world of their own. They seem to function on there own time, they never seem to sleep. There is always something happening. 

Today, is surgery day! I have to get ANOTHER hickman line put in! It all started last Friday...

I think Mum must have been feeling a bit bad for going away (she was leaving me and going to her university reunion for the weekend). I figured this out when she turns up with not only my favorite sushi but one of the rolls that I love from my favorite bakery and a cream donut!! However, I was most impressed and think she should go away more if I get food like that!! 

Anyway she ended up going away and having a marvelous weekend. It was odd though because as I was sitting there (nursing my belly after soo much good food) and i noticed that my shirt on one side was actually rather wet!! So I called in my nurse to have a look. She took one look and promptly informed me that my line was almost out!! 

This is rather odd!! The line was supposed to last me the entire time I was on chemo but go figure! I am an odd case!

So, I managed to get home on Saturday anyway must to my pleasure and I managed to watch the RUGBY!!! OHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!! I really do feel like doing a dance just thinking about the game!!! 

The Welsh should have won!!! That is the only shame! The French were almost beaten by a fourteen man side who far out played them but I guess thats life!

I was supposed to start chemo today but the liver is a little grumpy with me. The liver is effected by methotrexate (one of the types of chemo I get) and it needs to be good for the next type of chemo so the next round has had to be delayed til my liver function comes to play!

This is lame but this is life! 

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  1. Hi hat you are an inspiration. I hear from your Dad that you are still awaiting the new hickman op but despite all you are good.
    Glad you enjoyed Saturday's game but how about Sundays! Sublime.
    And speaking of inspirational young people how about Aaron Cruden who had testicular cancer age 18 and now is All Black hero. Check out the interview of him on Closeup tonight 18/10/2011 when it gets onto the TV One Closeup website. What an amazing young person! As you are.
    Loving your blog. Go girl!