Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Friends Are So Legit

My friends. Wow. Oh Wow.

They are actually so amazing! I do not understand what I did to deserve these children! My friends Harriet and Kat have decided to go insane and shave their hair to match me. This is a really kind gesture and on top of this they have decided to raise money for the Malaghan Institute of medical research. If you want to donate they have set up online donations.

The reason I bother to mention this is I think cancer research is important because so many people are affected by this but because I cut my hair on Tuesday.

My hair is slowly coming out and I decided it was rather annoying having this long hair so I went and got it cut! It is now short. I will probably add in a photo later in this blog but the thing that is interesting is the way people look at you.

I didn't end up being able to go to the Scots ball which sucked. I made my boyfriend a complete loner. Poor child was MC of the ball and had to turn up dateless. How the child puts up with me, I truly have no idea.

So I decided that there was no way I could make my parents buy me this stunning Juliet Hogan dress and not wear it anywhere so I dressed up and hence these photos!!! Then I made Pan dress up in a suit and off we trotted to a restaurant called Ancestral.

It was soooo yummy! The food is actually delicious and I had great company but the thing I noticed were some of the other people in the restaurant looking at us a little oddly, almost questioning why two teenagers were dressed up so nicely and at a restaurant. However, I had a lovely night and it didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

It's interesting though because my new haircut, although for me its very practical, is very unusual for a girl who is interested in guys to have a short hair cut at this age. As my brother says, my hair screams lesbian and I think it's stupid.

People judge so much about a person on their looks. I guess thats why uniform is so good. I wonder if that judgement based on appearance will ever be redundant but I don't think so. People judge so much based on appearance which is odd as this is something we have very little control over.

The way we appear says a lot about us. There is a reason why goths dress in a particular way. Its because we feel we can convey meaning through what we look like but then we get pissed off when people assume inappropriately or incorrectly.

Life is soo odd.

Today I went up to Auckland and met with my surgeon and discussed my operation. I am going to have a bone graph on my knee and the surgeon is going to try and save my knee articular surface. In normal language, its the area where the Femur and Tibia meet.

This is going to be amazing because this means that ideally if this works I will not have to have a knee replacement at a later date!! However it is going to suck. BIG TIME. This is because when then the tumor is taken out, they will have to replace the bone with dead guy bone.

Now dead guy bone is great but it wont attach itself to my bone while I am on chemo. This means that my leg will not be able to have any weight on it for about nine months (if not longer) after surgery. How lame is that?

However, after this I did some great retail therapy and got a lovely maxi dress (to hide this brace I have to wear because apparently my knee is weak and prone to breaking and if it breaks there is high chance they have to amputate, so hello leg brace) and groovy orange belt and this to-die-for bag! Thank you mummy!!

I guess there are some upsides of cancer.

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