Thursday, 1 September 2011

Welcome Home

Home is most certainly where the heart is and my heart is in Wellington. When the plane slowly descended onto this great city of ours, I could not suppress the smile that jumped to my face. This smile only widened as i got off the plane and saw three of my amazing friends awaiting me at the gate. They made me realize how lucky I was in so many ways to have such amazing friends as the stream of them came to see me as I arrived home this afternoon.

Things like this make you realize who your great friends are, and those who are not. Today I heard about a girl who had broken down crying saying "my best friend has cancer." I was slightly bewildered by this as this girl I would consider an acquaintance, i don't think even has my cell phone number is suddenly calling me her "best friend." 

At first I thought this was slightly degrading, however, I had a wee chuckle but as this passed I realized something. This is a big deal for so many people I know. Nearly everyone I know has been effected by cancer, an aunt, an uncle, a family friend has suffered from it. The difference from me though is that I am a mere 18 years old, I am still at school, my life has barely begun. This scares people as it breaks the idea that teenagers are indestructible, we are every bit human as everyone else and this scares us.

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  1. Glad you are home, Harriet. I thought you might like to know a couple of things about blogger (I use it alot). 1. you need to adjust the time to the time of the place you live - all your posting times seem to be off kilter - unless you are filing at 3.24 am (-: 2. you can link your blog to facebook, so it goes onto your page automatically - it's not difficult - I do it via twitter. If you can't work it out write a comment here and I can talk you through it. Mary (wogl person)