Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day 2
Feeling: Pretty Average
Wish: To have a new roommate (she wet the bed last night and pees in a bed pan, need I say more)
I have now received nearly all of the chemo and they are just keeping me in under observation. Hearing the possible side effects is not an experience I recommend for anybody. I like ignorance I think.

The way my body is feeling is odd. I don't feel sick exactly. I have waves of nausea come and go. They are not very nice, its usually when I am standing up and moving around. I don't feel like eating much at all. I am lucky I am able to receive anti-nausea medicine and lots of it!!

I have a weird tingly sensation in my toes and fingers, which i have been told is a common side effect. Its like a non painful pins and needles. Its strange as I can't really describe it. I am tired all the time but that was expected.

I had mates over yesterday after school and as my roommate kindly left a present in her bed, we went to this amazing canteen room which was sooo good. We played rounds of video games! It was actually so grand because I managed to forget that I was in hospital! It was such a fun afternoon. People coming to visit actually make this sooo much more bearable.

My mother, of course! She must be a subject at some point even though I can imagine her *gosh* sigh already. Yesterday when we were getting told the side effects. She decided she obviously couldn't take me being the patient anymore and leaned back so fast and quick she banged her head against the wall! She is the biggest clutz out!

But I do love her, she has been great. She has been so strong and I really admire her for it. This is one of those situations you never want to be in. Your child has cancer. This must be a fear that crosses all new and old parents minds. I am so sorry that you have had to go through this but I love your strength.

I think I might have to stop now, the room is starting to smell a bit funky again.

If I get that decrepit, please shoot me.

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  1. why do you think your mother never got a tattoo? Big hugs from a (virtual)WOGL xxx