Monday, 12 September 2011

The Glory Of Hospitals

Ok. This is nowhere near as frightening as I thought it would be. I feel fine. All I am doing is peeing like there is no tomorrow!!! But then again I have only just started.

The list they read us of the possible sideffects of chemo sounded rather dire though!! Not something I really want to think about.

I felt soo lovely when I walked into the ward and there were some lovely flowers waiting for me from good family friends. Support makes this soooo much easier.

I have been put in a room with some lovely old doddery woman called Dolorous who has promptly excreted into her bed, joyous right!

I do, however, have the lovely pleasure of having visitors and in a place like this, I love visitors. I always have really but here more so as the closest person to my age is worrying more about menopause and less about uni next year.

I wonder if I will feel different later as I have only actually been getting chemo for less than an hour and just bucketloads of fluids before that. Oh well, whatever happens. Onwards march!!!


  1. I like how even in hospital receiving chemo.. you still look babe. Umm totally unfair! Hope it's all going well ♥ Hobbits miss you!
    megan :)

  2. Pleased to hear that day 1 has gone ok. And nice work on stealing the Lulu Lemon top!

  3. Hat, I imagine by now (day 3) things aren't quite as rosey, however, I'm sure that you will continue to meet things head on. Your blog is amazing - powerful, honest and determined. Enjoying is the wrong word, but I certainly appreciate you giving us this inside look at what the reality is for you. At least now you are on the path to wellness :)
    Kia kaha