Saturday, 24 September 2011

Every Day Is A Gift

The malting is slowly starting. The beginning of the bald phase of my life is just starting.

Its odd, the hair is not falling out in huge chunks, each individual strand is just slowly starting to come loose. I don't even feel it. I thought huge clumps would come out every time I ran my hand through my hair but its not. Its just one or two individual hairs.

I thought I would be so upset about watching my hair go. It sounds stupid but as a eighteen year old girl, my hair is important to me but I am strangely excited. I love my wig. Its actually nicer than my actual hair.

My hair over the years has been soooo abused by me. In the past three years it has been blonde to chocolate brown and back again. I have bleached, stripped, colored my hair about once every two months and consequently destroyed my mums wallet and my hair.

Thinking about it though, hair is such a pain. You have to wash it, brush it, maintain it. It takes soooo much effort and I am so lazy. The idea of just whipping on a wig and going out is actually rather appealing. I hope my head is not deformed or something. That could be awkward.

Now onto more important things. THAT TRY LAST NIGHT. So unimpressed with the French. If you didn't watch it (you should have) the ref was talking to the All Blacks and then the French decide to start playing and score a try.... and the ref gave it to them! Lucky the French are useless and lost anyway but soooo not cool.

I was talking to my mate who was watching it with me and he was right, it may have been a "legal" try but it wasn't very ethical. The French showed bad sportsmanship with that one. They were loosing and could have lost graciously but that was a bit of a low blow. It may have been legal but it left a bad feeling in the stomach.

Its interesting when something like this happens though because it puts things into perspective. The stupid girly fights = pointless. That perfect dress = mightly important still / not really but hey its pretty!!

The things that are important truly are the people and doing what you love. Enjoying life. Not putting it on hold. Not doing physics at uni because it will give a good job rather doing archeology which you love. It just makes your choices simpler. It emphasizes live now because who knows what tomorrow will bring.

It also emphasizes not to dwell on what could of been, enjoy what is. Last night I could have had a fat cry about how unfair it was that I wasn't able to go to the Wellington Coll ball which I had been looking forward to for months but I had a lovely night eating fried rice and watching the rugby with a great mate.

Enjoy life, you never know what will happen.

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