Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Hobbits

 I am purely blown away! I don't know what to think except I am sooo lucky!! Is this not one of the most beautiful quilts you have ever seen???

I was actually almost in tears when the girls presented it to me!! Every girl in my year has created an amazing patch which have been sewn together. It sounds weird but this was soo perfect. 

We are all going to go out next year to the real world and many of my closest friends are going to the opposite side of the world in their amazing adventures but I am going to be here and that sucks.

I was meant to be going to going out with them. I was meant to be but I am not and thats hard. This was almost perfect though because now I have some of each of them to be with me even when they can't physically be there. I know that they are with me forever on this and the other journeys on my life. Sorry about the cheese but its true. I love you guys sooooooooo much!! I may have needed to grab a few tissues writing this but ahhhhh sooo amazing!! So much love. I am so lucky to be a Hobbit.

It was soo nice seeing everyone too even though I was really weak and couldn't stand up for very long, I managed to sit out on the lawn in one of the chairs. It made me sooo happy to be around everyone!

One thing that surprised me was people who were unsure on the topic of whether to visit or not. COME VISIT ME!!!!!!!! :) Seriously, anyone, anytime. Flick me a text or my parents and come! Your company is loved and adored. You don't have to stay for long or you can stay as long as you want! If I am too sick I will just say!

And bringing stuff! Do not feel you need to bring stuff! Just bring you, if you really want to bring something home baking is always a hit. My mother as much as i love her is no baker. but in all seriousness just bring yourself.

I hope that clears up the debate whether to come or not in your mind! :) and took your mind off my mushiness about how amazing the hobbits are!! 

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