Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Fruitloop Situation

So tomorrow I am having my hickman line. I have to be at the hospital at 7am, now this is purely ridiculous. What sane teenager is out of bed before 10? Most don't even realize the sun is shinning before midday. I think someone should create a system so the older you are, the earlier your surgery and go backwards from there.

It's weird because I have thinking about what is going to be happen next year. My cancerous status has almost become old news to many. This treatment is going to take well over a year and I wonder those who will be with me at the end of it because a year is a long time. People change and move on. They will begin new lives next year and set off into the world.

I wonder how many will keep in contact. This is a serious issue as I am absolutely useless at texting back, facebooking or emailing back. Any sort of reply may take hours, months, years!! If you are unlucky it might not even happen at all... Now this is not because I don't love you. One of my best mates said to me tonight "I like it when you don't reply, it reinforces the fact that I'm talking to Harriet Rowland ."

But I do appreciate every email, text, call and visit as this is my contact with the human world. As my friends know I am just one fruitloop away from being called insane. My support crowd is what gives me some perspective on the real world... and gossip! :)

But in all seriousness, friends are things that keep you going, the messages remind you that you are not getting left behind. The texts remind you of how loved you are. Facebook reminds you of the power of procrastination. The calls and visits keep you sane.

I do not intend on becoming some odd child whose life is cancer. I intend to be me until the end and I thank my supporting friends and family for not passing me that last fruitloop.

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