Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Question Of The Turd

Well... That sucked.

Walking the dog is sometimes not as pleasant as it sounds. It has been a rough week. It was strange though because when I first went into hospital I was fine, the chemo started and I was fine but I progressively got sicker and sicker.

I couldn't eat anything and I was having to be administered fluids through my hickman line for three days after my chemo had finished as I have to drink two litres of fluid at least a day, which means I am like a yoyo between bed and the toilet!!!

Those who visited me got very used to the frequent visits to the toilet and I must thank them for that. Visitors, whether they are young or old, close or not are great. I really appreciated everyone who came and saw me. Its a great distraction talking to people or in many cases listening to the conversation that surrounded me.

The other thing that has been awesome has been the amount of letters and cards and Facebook messages and texts of people constantly reminding me that they are there for me. It sounds weird but its easier doing this with people around you and being there for you.

Today, I went and got a wig from this amazing lady who lives in Northland. I went to her house and sat and chose my wig (and did some serious damage in the parental wallet) but what sort of struck me was how lucky I am.

Don't get me wrong I understand I have absolutely terrible luck to be the one person in the entire wellington region statistically to be diagnosed this year but I am lucky in the fact that I have amazing parents and friends and a support system which I would find hard to rival.

My mum has been allowed to take the rest of this year off to look after me. This is sooo fortunate. I am really lucky that we are able to do this. Thank you parents for not flunking out of uni and working hard!!

 This is really good for me because I have been relegated to a complete baby status this past week. In hospital I even had to have my mum help me have a shower. I was completely useless. I could not text, go on Facebook, read, even watch tv. I was a complete invalid.

I am really happy to be home and feeling better finally. I had to have a complete change of anti nausea drug regime from the first one I was on and it is now about a week since chemotherapy finished but I am feeling much better.

So now the question of the turd, I have gotten to the stage where I have to wonder whether I am actually still nauseous because of the chemo or nauseous because of the continuos drugs. Ten pills a day does not keep the doctor away.... unfortunately.

So the plan is to slowly ween myself off my drug habit. Today has now changed. You may observe this has now been written over two days so please excuse the disjointedness of some of it. New chains of thought and rah! Feeling nauseous is a good time to stop writing becasue the product is usually greatly sub par or as my kind boyfriend likes to say "its just obvious you are on something."

I am going into school for morning tea, to celebrate the valiant and determined swoting of my lovely hobbits for mocks this past week (and according to what we tell our parents months before that too...) I am really quite excited to see all of them.

My year group is actually tiny (less than 65 girls!!) and we all share this amazing common room called Hobby (the coolest common room ever as it is actually a house!!) and we all pretty much live here. It means that everyone knows everyone and everything about everyone which is occasionally a pain but in the long run these girls have been my classmates for 7 years now and I am sooo lucky to have them!!

They are all completely insane in their own glorious way and I HAVEN'T SEEN THEM ALL IN OVER A WEEK. and life feels odd because they are my constant stable, so as you can see from my massive rant. I am very excited to be going to see the girls today even if I will have to just lie on the couch and be smothered/smothering others with hugs.

On this note, I must get ready! What used to take me five minutes now takes me about an hour!!! Definitely back to baby status.

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