Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Happy and Home!

I made it! I am back in Wellington! I have set up residence in Bed 1 on 6 North. I am so happy to be home. Auckland hospital was something very special. It was... useless. completely and utterly useless. Don't get me wrong my surgeon is amazing, he did such a fabulous job but the nurses...

I had this one wonderful nurse Sarah and I was very lucky to have her for as long as I did because most of the other nurses were useless. On the first day after the surgery the epidural did not work properly so I was in soo much pain.

I had involuntary tears pouring down my face and I was like this for about 2 nearly 3 hours while the nurses were trying to find a doctor. My mother was very unimpressed. She became like a mother lion protecting her cub. I would not have wanted to be on the end of that rampage.

It was so different to Wellington. In Auckland we had to ask to see the physio's. In Wellington today I have had so much help from 2 physio's who have spent a lot of time with me my leg has got better in leaps and bounds just today.

In Wellington when I call for pain medication they actually bring it whereas in Auckland I was sometimes waiting up to an hour. I had to have help getting to the bathroom, then the nurse would usually wait outside and then help me back to my bed.

However, one lovely nurse decided that while I was on the toilet it would be a great time to go for a break and leave me sitting there while my legs got progressively sorer and sorer as all the blood was pooling in them and making them go blue.

But it was amazing to see Jess and Nick (my friends who lived up in Auckland). They are some of the nicest people you have ever met!! :) They helped to keep me sane along with Pan and Ollie who flew up from Wellington to keep me company!

I was very lucky and managed to get a ride home in the medical airplane.

It was such a weird feeling as you can see in the beds face backwards. In the photo above you are looking from the front of the plane down to the back. It was such a weird thing as it felt soo weird taking off as you were pushed forward and you were leaning on your seltbelt which sort of led to me having a little freak out that the bed would come unlock and roll into the back of the plane!! I think I prefer going the right way!!

Today in Wellington I have been soo lucky and seen soo many friends. Seeing everybody makes me soo happy as I have missed all my friends terribly!! So I am very happy to be home. In Wellington now lets just cross our fingers and hope I am out in time for christmas!

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