Thursday, 29 December 2011

Not So Good News

So today we had some news which left dad a bit red around the eyes. My histology results. If these were just like my history results it would be ok.

Histology results are the results about cell necrosis. Cell necrosis in the histology results is looking at the percentage of cancer cells that were killed by the chemotherapy. My oncologist was hoping for a 90% kill rate, unfortunately we have only got a 40% kill rate.

This sucks as it means that the next lot of chemotherapy is going to be much harder as stronger and even more potent chemicals are going to be added. Joy to the world.

On a happier note, the operation went well from a oncologist point of view! So I am very happy and I am home for another 10 days to 2 weeks before I start the next round of chemo.

NB Oncologist is the person who controls my chemo, not a vag doctor.


  1. Hey Harriet, I haven't met u but I'm 1 of the nurses that works 4 yr Dad (he'd say I was the nutty one I think!) Between yr blog and talking with yr Dad I think that we, at the surgery, feel we have been tagging along on this journey with u and yr family. U tell an amazing story, the difference being that it's not make believe it's real and u and yr family r the travellers! I just wanted 2 let u, yr Mum, Dad and little bro know that we r thinking of u all and we will continue to travel alongside u quietly, giving wot we can when we can. Kia Kaha, Karen

  2. Dear Harriet You were just born when I first met you, and I last saw you age 8 waterskiing. Your were best buddies with Tom then. Your blog is very touching, and we are all thnking of you and your family over here in the UK. We're friends of your Mum and Dad whom we met skiing in Aspen, a passion we all share. Please give them my love.
    Much love, Wayne and Manuela. Oxford England.