Friday, 16 December 2011

My Big Outing

Today I went on a HUGE outing!! Since my surgery (which was on the 6th of December) until today I have not left my room. I have barely even left my bed. So today my mother and my lovely nurse Sarah managed to get me into a wheelchair and I managed to get down to muffin break!!

This is such an achievement!! I was soo happy, I mean how many people are cool enough to go to muffin break in a hospital gown and fist pumping in the wheelchair? If only some grandma's had decided to accept  my challenge and raced me...

I have also been really lucky up here because my friend Nick and Jess have been amazing in coming to visit me heaps! Otherwise I would get rather lonely!! I am rather excited though because I should be coming back to Wellington on Tuesday! On Tuesday I am just being taken to Wellington hospital but hopefully home before x-mas!

So, overall I think that we deserve a nice drink. Take heed from my mother...

G&T coz they're classy like that

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