Monday, 10 June 2013

A Little Dream Of Mine

There are some things in this life I will never truly understand and how we let others kill themselves through lack of knowledge is one of them. This week Boulcott has been doing fundraising for the forty hour famine. 

It makes me so sad to think about like I know more than most that dying sucks. There is nothing I can do to change the fact I am dying. Absolutely nothing. Yet there are so many people out there dying from things which are curable and that sucks. 

I have had so much love in my life, so much happiness. I have been unbelievably lucky I have been in the time that I have lived yet I hate the fact that I will never grow old. I accept that this is the way it has to be but I desperately wish it wasn't.

I had really big dreams. I really wanted to become a humanitarian aid worker and trust me when I say this is not an easy field to get into. I had a 5 year plan which listed ways in which I could achieve these goals. I won't bore you with the details because the fact is it will never be a reality. It will forever just be a dream of what my future could have been like. I know that writing a blog entry isn't really a big deal but in some small way even though this is sort of preachy (sorry!) by doing this I feel like I am able to help people and that is all I ever wanted to do. 

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