Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Gym Bunny

I do not understand gyms. Seriously, the idea of running when you are not chasing/being chased, is ridiculous! What makes it even more ridiculous is that you don't even move so it's not like you get some well deserved treat at the end. Yet somehow I have found myself as a member of one.

Actually I know exactly how I became one, doctors orders. Sometimes I enjoy doctors orders. Anne says I am to eat whatever I feel like and not worry about calories. I like these orders even if I was already doing this. I am also supposed to be doing 15 minutes relaxed exercise a day. This is not bad either especially since I love swimming!

I am now a member at Habit gym and I went swimming for the first time today! It is actually really relaxing. I do especially enjoy lounging in the spa afterwards.

Maybe it's lucky I am dying otherwise I would become the fattest person alive!!!

Maybe people should run even if they are not being chased. Or they could get a dog. Then they could walk the dog.

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