Friday, 21 June 2013

The Marvelous Canteen Cancer Perk

The amount of happiness in my life is ridiculous. At precisely two seconds ago I decided I would never sleep again as I don't want to miss out on any of the happiness that could possibly occur while I am asleep. I realized this was ridiculous after thinking it but I understand pain and sadness but I also understand happiness. I, very fortunately, experience a lot of it.

My memory is shocking, I mean BAD! So I carry around this little notebook in which I organize my life and by this I generally mean my social life. Just looking at it simply shows how much happiness and love I have in my life. Everyday there is some person to see, something to do, some wonder which is to happen.

This week on Thursday I had yet another cancer perk. This time it was Canteen that was the generous organizer. Canteen have this grant called the palliative care grant and it's for all kids dying of cancer to create memories and who doesn't want more wonderful memories?

When I was in Amsterdam on my bucket list trip I wandered past this shop which was about two doors down from our apartment and there was this dress. It was simply sitting there waiting for me. The lovely Jannie agreed with me and gave it to me and we have been inseparable ever since.

The problem I found with this simply fabulous dress was that it was so 1920's it was almost costume-y so in true me style, I decided I would have to create events I could wear it to. Lucky for me the Great Gatsby has come out.

So I decided with the palliative grant money I would make my friends dress up in true 1920's fashion and have a wonderful lunch at my favorite restaurant then watch the Great Gatsby.

It was a wonderful day combing delicious food with glorious company while wearing a simply spectacular dress. It was such an unbelievably wonderful day.

And just to add to the unbelievable-ness of the day I have a good photo sibling photo!!!


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  1. Harriet that dress is sexy as fuck. Your taste is amazing!