Thursday, 18 July 2013

Arvo La Dolce Vita

Tom, my brother, eighteen?? This doesn't seem possible. Just a few short months ago I was not even sure I was going to be alive let alone healthy and happy! 

The six-month deadline is sneaking closer and closer yet somehow I am still alive and kicking. I blame my family and friends from making my life so wonderful. How am I meant to die when my life is so unbelievably amazing?

The last month has been crazily busy but in the best possible way!!

I have flown down to Wanaka and spent a week with the wonderful Zoe and Jackie. We had the most wonderful week of rest and relaxation and managed to munch through copious amounts of scrumptious food.

Not only did I have all my family come for a weekend I also had my room-mate (from Contiki) and another friend fly down and spend a week with me!! It was so amazing to all be re-united again and spend time with them!

I even went with my friend Sophie to hold her hand while she got a tattoo though I think I ended up being more of a hindrance than a help as she was as cool as ice while I was having mild panic attacks and she was the one getting the tattoo!!!

I even got to go to the premiere of 'The World's End' and walked the red carpet. Yes, you did read that right!!! It was actually such a wonderful night!! Bex and I were invited by the lovely Philippa to go with her to the premiere which was a fabulous excuse to get another lovely dress!! 

It was so cool! We got to meet so many amazing people and see a side-splittingly hilarious film! It was a rather surreal experience because nights like that don't happen to people like me!! It was one of the most magical nights of my life. 

I am so healthy I am actually able to plan things in the not-so-distant future like next week I am going to Bali, I am going to Beyonce on the 19th of October and I am even able to start planning what I am going to do for my birthday!!! I am planning on turning 20!!! NB It's on the 26th of August. Just in case you want to start planning my present!

AHHHH! It's all ever so exciting! I am also still able to live in the hall and go to university and participate in re o-week events even if Vic Uni puts on the most pathetic re o-week events! 

Life is simply swell!!
Zoe & I in Wanaka


 Being Cliched Tourists!

Every single one of those cups is filled with confetti

Problem: When you pick up the cup the confetti goes everywhere!!

The lovely Philippa & I before we head off to the premiere

Bex and I all ready to go!

 Benedict Cumberbatch & I

 Richard Armitage & I