Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Problem With Exponential Growth

The problem with cancer is the tumours and these problems like tears in the lungs don't tend to go away. They tend to get worse. I cannot believe quite how sick I have got in such a short space in time.   I have officially had to move out of Boulcott and am definitely regressing back towards baby state.

I have this awful cough which makes me feel like my lungs want to be on the outside of my body rather than on the inside where they are supposed to be. I also can't eat very much anymore which also depletes the amount of energy I generally have to. The painkillers make my mind a little more foggy.  So yeah, I spend most of my days in bed!! I have found this magical thing called Lonely (The lonely hearts bra range) and they do these amazing bras that don't have underwire so I can sleep in the m and they are comfortable!! So I am far more happy about this than I should be!!! I don't have to get dressed every time I hop into bed. You know you are getting sick when this is an achievement. 

Then you have days like yesterday when I had a migraine and unlike a migraine taking one day to sort of fix itself up, I still am feeling it a little bit which such but it must go away because tonight I am going to One Republic concert with my friend Danielle. 

When I used to say rest I meant that I would not do much walking but now I mean rest, I have not left the couch or except to pee or shower. I am napping/in full on cat mode getting ready for tonight.

But I'm lucky there has been loads of good things that have been happening in my life, not just the fact that my friends from out of town have come back or my friend Gilly has the most gorgeous puppy Kelly!! Or the fact that my parents have agreed that I get to dog sit a dog during the day!!!

But my friend, who i guess isn't my friend anymore decided to ask me out!!! This is super and ultra exciting because I may have had a crush on him for quite a long time and he's one of my best mates so it's like do I say anything... Luckily I didn't coz he felt the same way!!! :) Oh right, his name is Mac and he went to Wellington College and then did a GAP year with Bex and everyone so he lives in wellington too! Soo that's all very exciting!! Secretly, I really like this one, he's pretty awesome! Though awkwardly we don't have any pictures together! I will have to get some!
My friend Katie also couldn't go to Taylor Swift so she gave me two tickets so guess who is getting a super exciting date weekend up to Auckland on the 29th... I know you do have my permission to feel sorry for him now but I promise I'm not mean to him all the time, just a lot of it! 

So my health isn't great, I don't know how much longer I have but I still have many thing which make me happy! ONE REPUBLIC TONIGHT! Aren't I lucky?

Anthony and I at Brokeback Mountain
Cuddles With Kelly