Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Project Cute

I don't quite know how to start this blog post as it has been so long since I last did one. Well not really so long but so much has happened. I should have written more but I was too sick or otherwise occupied so I just wrote quick Facebook updates which at the time seemed to be easier than trying to write a whole blog. This means that there is a big chunk of my story that is missing. So I guess this is me filling in all that has happened.

I ended up getting really sick. I mean really sick as had to go into hospital. I had Pneumonia and if anything was going to kill me that is what would kill me. Also my lungs constantly were filling up with fluid. It was so painful and I must admit at one point I did wish I was not alive anymore. It hurt too much. It was a life that wasn't worth living anymore.

I was left on IV antibiotics and told that I simply must get better. I think she must have sensed that I needed it but little to my knowledge my friend Rebekah had been running around for weeks creating a video to remind me how much I am loved.

It could not have come at a better time I was feeling beaten, like this was it. My friends and family as always came through for me showing simply how much they cared and were able to have many a laugh at my expense.

It was held at Queen Margarets and so many people helped out and put on this amazing spread. I literally hobbled quickly. Making a B-line for the nearest seat. I was soo sick, I was sort of passed from one person's arms to the next pretending that I was keeping it together while struggling not to pass out from exhaustion and lack of oxygen.

That all changed, I managed to sit down and with every minute I could not help but laugh, cry and cringe!! It reminded me why I had to beat this, and I did.


Thank you so much to Rebekah and everyone who put so much effort into this film. I loved it in every single way.

Some of the beautiful friends who came!

Mac (My boyfriend!! Still not used to calling him that!) and I

The one girl who made this whole video. I could not ask for a more amazing friend. She is simply spectacular.

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