Friday, 6 January 2012

How Odd Is Life

Tonight I was feeling a little nostalgic for better times after Pan went home, not because we fought but because I had to tell him about the not so good news. He has been on a walk (not a tramp, he lies if he tells you it was) and had not read my latest blog post, it was harder than telling anyone else.

He has already been through so much with me and never once complained when I told him yet again to get me more food, to get me this or that. He has been amazing and more than I deserve. He even puts up with me when I am totally spaced out on drugs and trying to convince him that he should have rampant gay sex with my brother or putting jelly in his hair or any other of the million of things I do.

I hated having to tell them that things again hadn't gone our way and things were going to get harder yet again. So I was looking through my photobooth photos. I have had photobooth since year 9 and my friends are the biggest photo whores I know. Thank you Anthony, Rebekah, Rahera, Claudia and the millions of people who had so many hilarious poses and facials.

I also found a few photos which reminded me how unpredictable life can be.

 This was taken just over a year ago on the day I decided to go blonde again
 This beautiful photo I took with Jess in the July school holidays, one month before my diagnosis
When I got my hair cut short when it started falling out

This was taken in my last set of chemo before surgery
Til tonight. 

Life can change in an instant so appreciate every one, who knows what is around the corner. 


  1. Great photos - keep doing those with friends as it's so much fun to look back on them. I still have some taken with friends over 30 years ago! Will be thinking of you over the coming months and sending love and courage to help you through the next nasty round of chemo. You're an amazing girl - keep up the fight and we'll all be with you cheering you on. :-)

  2. and through it all you have retained those incedibly beautiful eyebrows that are so full of expression- chemo wouldn't dare knock those out! Sending good vibes your way and taking your advice xxx

  3. Yay for photobooth - and for you, Harriet, in all your wisdom and courage - and for all your astonishing friends. Fifi's right about the eyebrows. They're brilliant.